domingo, novembro 21, 2010

Noivos sem roupa

China proíbe noivos nus em álbuns de casamento

A associação de fotógrafos da China proibiu todos os recém-casados de fazerem álbuns de casamento com fotografias suas sem roupa. A ideia estava a fazer sucesso no país, e os casais nus escolhiam temas como Adão e Eva ou anjos, avança o jornal ‘Austrian Times’.

Na China, as tradicionais fotos e álbuns de casamento foram substituídos por fotografias de casais nus, deixando os oficiais chineses furiosos.

“Estas fotografias representam tudo o que é contrário ao espírito do casamento”, disse He Lin, representante da associação de fotógrafos.

He Lin ainda acrescentou que o casamento precisa de ser considerado um ritual sagrado.

FONTE: Correio da Manhã

quinta-feira, novembro 18, 2010


Stuxnet manipulate physical equipment

Stuxnet is a worm that targets industrial control systems, which are used to monitor and control large-scale industrial plants such as power plants, dams, waste processing systems and other industrial operations.

How funcionaStuxnet search for industrial control systems and then modify their code to allow attackers to take control of these systems without the operator noticing. In other words, this threat was created to allow hackers to manipulate physical equipment, which makes it extremely dangerous.

This threat is unlike anything ever seen before, both in relation to what she does, like how she appeared. It is the first computer virus capable of causing damage to the physical environment. He is sophisticated, well funded, and few groups now have the ability to create this kind of threat. It is also the first cyber attack that we know that target specific industrial control systems.

The worm is composed of complex computer codes, which require different skills to create it. Security experts from Symantec estimates that it took five to ten people working together for six months. Furthermore, knowledge of industrial control systems was necessary, as well as access to such systems to conduct quality tests, which again indicates that this project is a highly organized and well financed.

"We definitely never seen anything like this before," said Liam O'Murchu, a researcher at Symantec Security Response. "The fact that he can control how machines are at work is very worrying."

sexta-feira, novembro 05, 2010

Mont Merapi Volcano

Indonesia volcano shrouds whole villages in ash

By SARAH DiLORENZO, Associated Press Sarah Dilorenzo, Associated Press – Fri Nov 5, 5

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia – One of Indonesia's most active volcanos began erupting Oct. 26 after four years of dormancy.

The plumes of hot ash and lava flows from Mount Merapi chased villagers living on its slopes from their homes. Ever larger eruptions since then have forced evacuees in camps at the bottom of the mountain to move still farther away. So far, more than 100 people have been killed.

With each eruption, gray ash covers everything like a shroud, suffocating flowers in a vase, freezing a living room in time, covering a dead cow. Places abandoned just days ago look as though no one has been there for decades.

As far as 20 miles (30 kilometers) away, the ash has at times blotted out the sun, forcing drivers to use their headlights in the middle of the day.

Scientists initially said the first eruption alleviated pressure under the cone, but now the signs are more ominous: Pressure is building, not dissipating, and the worst could be yet to come.

A volcanologist who has studied Merapi's patterns for years says he is at a loss to predict its next move: He has never seen the 9,700-foot (3,000-meter) volcano act like this before.

terça-feira, novembro 02, 2010


- Le ciel est blue pour tous
- Chosis ton compagnon, avant de choisir ton chemin
- Le chemin le plus court pour aller d'un poit à une autre n'est plus la ligne droite, mais le rêve.
"Literatura é um luxo; a ficçãso, uma necessidade." - Gilbert K. Chesterton, escritor inglês (1874-1936)