sábado, julho 25, 2009

Flu A

Chinese traditional medicine to cure flu A

Doctors of the Ditan hospital in Beijing, showed that traditional Chinese medicine used to cure 88 of 117 patients affected by influenza A who accepted to undergo such treatment.

According to Wang Yuguang, responsible for the hospital, said the agency Efe, of 297 confirmed cases of influenza seen at the local, 88 were treated with herbs, a treatment that "does not cause side effects and is safe." The officer also stated that the period of recovery of the patient with the use of traditional Chinese medicine is lower and the cost of 12 yuan (1.30 euro), compared with the price of Tamiflu, 56 yuan (5.80 euros).

"Moreover, the advantage is that doctors may prescribe different combinations of herbs according to the state of health of each individual," explained Wang.

Since the 15th of May, the leaders of the Ditan hospital, one designated to treat patients of influenza in China, began to use a combination of traditional medicine Tamiflu and a patient.

To prove the effectiveness of treatment, began to use only those herbs with patients who arrived later.

However, Sha daha, the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing's Chaoyang district, said that the use of such technique is more effective in the early stages of the disease because of its preventive nature.

Until now, China has recorded 4,018 cases of influenza, and that most patients infected by the virus has already been high. The first death due to disease, a man of 42 years, was recorded this month in Hong Kong.


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