terça-feira, agosto 30, 2011

Fortune-teller machine

VIRGINIA CITY, Mont. - The Gypsy sat for decades in a restaurant amid the Old West kitsch that fills this former gold rush town, her unblinking gaze greeting the tourists who shuffled in from the creaking wooden sidewalk outside.

Some mistook her for Zoltar, the fortune-telling machine featured in the Tom Hanks movie "Big." Others took one look at those piercing eyes and got the heebie-jeebies so bad they couldn't get away fast enough.

But until a few years ago, nobody, not even her owner, knew the nonfunctioning machine gathering dust in Bob's Place was an undiscovered treasure sitting in plain sight in this ghost town-turned-themed tourist attraction.

Full article at: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/rare-fortune-teller-discovered-ghost-town-prompts-big-125714383.html

By Matt Volz, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press

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