sexta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2013

List of calendars in use

List of calendars From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In use 360-day calendar Akan calendar Armenian calendar Assyrian calendar Astronomical year numbering Bahá'í calendar Bengali calendar Berber calendar Buddhist calendar Chinese calendar Coptic calendar Discordian calendar Ethiopian calendar Fiscal year varies with different countries. Used in accounting only. Germanic calendar (still in use by Ásatrúar) Gregorian calendar used by most countries in the world today. Hebrew calendar Hindu calendars Igbo calendar used by the Igbo people. Indian national calendar ISO week date Iranian calendars Irish calendar Islamic calendar Jain calendar Japanese calendar (Gregorian months) Javanese calendar Juche era calendar used by North Korea Julian calendar Kurdish calendar Lithuanian calendar Malayalam calendar Maya calendar (parts still used by Maya) Nanakshahi calendar Nepali calendar Nepal Sambat Minguo calendar used by Republic of China/Taiwan. Revised Julian calendar Romanian calendar Runic calendar (still in use by Ásatrúar) Tamil calendar Thai lunar calendar Thai solar calendar Tibetan calendar Zoroastrian calendar (including Parsi) Xhosa calendar (in use in South Africa) Yoruba calendar (in use in Nigeria

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