quarta-feira, maio 07, 2008

Volcano Chaiten in eruption

Evacuation order total Chaiten !!!!

The volcano began to erupt during the early hours of Saturday, May 2, 2008. It is evacuating their homes to the villagers Chaiten. This work is being hampered by the dense cloud of volcanic ash. Earthquakes are repeated throughout the day.

5/6/2008, 11:00 AM : An evacuation order was delivered complete and immediate few moments ago in Chaiten, after the volcano eruption that began a few days ago to resume their activities more strongly, threatening to affect the people and everybody who remained in the sector.

According to the story of the authorities in the area this morning revealed that the volcano Chaiten resumed its activity with more force and that even began to expel solid material and lava, so it became necessary to issue a mandatory evacuation order and Immediate for all people remaining in the sector, including personnel from law enforcement and security. The sirens began to sound to alert people and call them to leave the area quickly.

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