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Historical Route 66

Route 66 was a North American highway of the U.S. Highway System. It was established in 11 of November of 1926.

In 1985 it left to be part of the US Highway System and exists currently as one Historical Route 66 , being recognized for the North American government for its cultural, historical and tourist importance.

One of the attractions the edges of the highway is the Cadillac Ranch (Farm of the Cadillac). The road is cradle of the first Motel and the first McDonald' s of the world, and was scene of films as Easy Riders and Bagdad Coffee.

Also known as The Main Street of America Route 66 was during much time the one of the main roads of U.S.A., crossing all American continent of East the West. With beginning in Chicago it after crossed the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California (Santa Mónica), finishing in 3,940 Los Angeles km (2,448 miles).

Since its construction in 1926 until its inactivation in 1985 (June 27th)it was covered by thousand of vehicles and it contributed decisively for the affirmation of the biggest nation of the world. When great part of its extension was opened to the transit was done in gravilha or beaten land. In 1938 it was paved. Its tracing and its very plain profile early became it since a way of important communication, much looked by trucks and other road transports.

During the Depression it was covered by many families of agriculturists who looked lands of California in consequence of the Dust Bowl. Throughout its passage the economy prospered despite shyly in small familiar businesses (restaurants, stations of service, etc.). Drive-thru was the cradle of the restaurants and the Fast-food - the first McDonald' s appeared in San Bernardino, point of ticket of the road.

With its inactivation it was attributed the statute to it of " Historical". It is not case for less. Route 66 stops beyond the economic importance possesss an almost mythical dimension in the American culture. It symbolizes an important period of the history of the biggest nation of the world and is symptomatic and just that the automobile is the main protagonist.

In " The Grapes of Wrath" , played by Henry Fonda, romance whose share elapses in the years 30' , John Steinbeck gives tribute to it and calls to it Mother Road. Recently the Cars film of Disney has for deep cloth of the famous road and, to its way, it also relieves homage to it.

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