terça-feira, agosto 24, 2004

What was said

"The sin and foolishness that pass for fun in Las Vegas should make the U.S. stop and wonder where it is going as a nation." - Patricia Dee, Glennie, Michigan, U.S., in TIME

"Some people in Europe may think that it is good that things are going badly for the U.S. I really think that is an irrational and a bad policy." - Jose Manuel Barroso, President-elect of the European Commission, in TIME

"We need to be both more patient with people who are making these early steps, less critical of every twist and turn...and more humble about how long it has taken us to get to a multiethnic democracy that works." - Condoleeza Rice - National Security Advisor

"I´m not out to stimulate dialogue but to satirize people´s attitudes. That´s why I make fun of religion, nationalism and Norwegian smugness-" - Shabana Rehman, comedienne, in TIME

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