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Countries in the World

How many countries possess the World

They exist around 250 auto proclaimed countries in the world, however a part is not recognized by the ONU, the recognized ones exceeds 200. Although be recognized by the ONU and it does not keep official diplomatic relation with the majority of countries in the world, Taiwan is recognized for 20 and few countries without projection, but it possesss obliging representation in majority of the countries in the world.

Different numbers exist in accordance with the searched source, that point out to 250 countries.It has 191 participant members of the ONU, but number 191 also does not represent the number of countries in the world. The City of the Vatican is independent and chose not to become a member of the ONU.

The Department of American State recognizes around 192 independent countries of the world. The list ( of these 192 countries reflect the politicial work program of the USA and its allies. Thus, for DOS (Department of State) an entity can or it can not be considered a country depending on his politicial environment.

Taiwan possesss the majority of the characteristics of an independent state. However, due to political reasons, he is not recognized for many countries of the world. Taiwan was member of United Nations (and even though of the Advice of Security) up to 1971 when China substituted Taiwan in the organization. Taiwan continues pressuring the ONU and its members to get full recognition on the part of other countries and if becoming “part of the club”, but the Chinese government continues declaring that Taiwan is simply a province of China.

Thus, 193 countries probably are the best reply to the question, unless Taiwan officially is absorbed by China. In this in case, the reply he would be 192. Moreover, dozens of territories and colonies exist that generally are considered “countries”, but they are governed by other countries. Some places are usually confused with countries like Porto Rico, Bermuda Islands, Greenland and Western Saara.

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