quarta-feira, março 22, 2006

Child Bride

Child Bride

Posted by Kevin Sites
KABUL, Afghanistan - To YAHOO! News

"Married at the age of four, an Afghan girl was subjected to years of beatings and torture, finally escaping to discover that within all the world's cruelty, there is also some kindness.

Eleven-year old Gulsoma lay in a heap on the ground in front of her father-in-law. He told her that if she didn't find a missing watch by the next morning he would kill her. He almost had already.

Enraged about the missing watch, Gulsoma's father-in-law had beaten her repeatedly with a stick. She was bleeding from wounds all over her body and her right arm and right foot had been broken. "

This is a tremendous report related with a nice girl, now 12 years old, suffering in Afghanistan yet in current times.

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