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World Sudoku Championship

Jana Tylova from Rep Czech wins 1st World Sudoku Championship

Jana Tylova, a 31-year-old Czech economist, on Saturday (March 11, 2006) won the 1st World Sudoku Championship. The inaugural championships had drawn 85 contestants from 22 countries. After two days of grappling with the world's best number crunchers, the accountant from the Czech Republic was the last person standing. And on the way to the throne, she defeated Tetsuya Nishio, the man who first introduced Sudoku to Japan twenty two years ago.

But that's just one chapter from the 1st World Sudoku Championship story. There's more. Thomas Snyder of the US was placed second. But he had his moment in the sun. Thomas finished the penultimate puzzle - a Toroidal Sudoku - a very difficult puzzle - seconds before the 15 minute deadline. What amazed the organizers was that all the others contestants were way behind - having filled in just one

The upshot of this: Men and women are equally endowed. Proof that the game is gaining in global popularity, across the age and gender board: there were both men and women contestants, there were the young and old, and they came from across the globe. And to those who cannot believe that a numbers game could become a spectator sport: you should have been there in Lucca.

Although the curtains came down and the inaugural championship came to an end, there's a message left behind for everyone to see: Sudoku knows no bias and has no

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