sábado, agosto 26, 2006

Cook Islands

We was visited by one blogger from Cook Islands, and we are very pleased.

For all purposes, this blog is a multilanguage one, being the Portuguese the basic language, the reason this post is tentatively in English.

All the time, from many years ago, we were told about Cook Islands, but only now we decided to investigate the story of this country of the Pacific Ocean, and it is really interesting for a country with only about 24.000 inhabitants, connected with UK and New Zealand.

The World, by now, with the WWW is really acessible by anyone, in the small details. We can know places and people and give a more humanized relationship that was quite impossible a few decades ago.

There many sources of information about Cook Islands, as we admit, and we have identied these two links that contains all the information about this country, composed by 15 Islands, as we see in the map above.

The flag has 15 stars representing each one of the islands, and the pic below at the right shows the Rarotonga Island, the Capital.

The black pearls are obtained here throught a well established activity over the years, and we show below a pic of the process:

The abovementioned links are History and Government.

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