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The III World War

Dr. Michael Rathford has been studying the quatrains of Nostradamus since 1985, and had published the book "The III World War". Below are mentioned the titles of the contents. This was mentioned by Washington Post, and all text can be read HERE.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Nostradamus and his Quatrains How did Nostradamus do it? The world stage Free will
Chapter 2: Key People in the Time of Troubles
The Antichrist
Background/overview of the Antichrist Political/religious philosophies of the AntichristThe Popes and the Catholic Church
Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist Assassination of the current pope Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's scheming The treachery of the final pope Demise of the Catholic ChurchThe Cabal and secret conspiracies
Cabal's teeth in the international power flow Cabal involved in military and economic conquests Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld Wealthy United States businessman a closet revolutionary and NaziGeneral international political climate
Fundamentalist censorship Terrorist assassinations
Chapter 3: The Antichrist
Antichrists' unified monetary system Antichrist's seizure of Asia Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church Antichrist's invasion of Turkey Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany International (non)reaction to the Antichrist
Chapter 4: The Time of Troubles
Prelude to the Antichrist and WWIII
Crazed leader launches nuclear weapons on Mediterranean and Europe Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers Third world country leader creates strife Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe International political and social incidents
War game simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster American Electoral College voting stalemate Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East
Chapter 5: Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles
Technology accidents
Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm Research into warping time leads to disasterThe weapons of WWIII
New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWIII ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage, bribery, treachery Death by radio wavesEugenics
Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash
Chapter 6: World War III
Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London Antichrist conquers Europe The Antichrist invades Britain The crucial meeting on the naval carrier Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure Russia breaks free of the Antichrist North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, and Russia forms Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
Chapter 7: The geological and spiritual earth shift
The end of civilization
Preparations/Survival Old vs.
Young Souls The New Age of spiritual rebirth Reawakening of freedoms an rights Peace after WWIII Spirituality transcends technology Feminine aspects of God revered again "Green" revolution, return to the land Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
Great Genius unifies religion and science
Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
Astonishing feats of medicine New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius
Chapter 8: The Great Genius
Past events Cover-ups Atlantis Great Genius Far Future

In Chapter 4, is discribed "The Time of Troubles - begins with a period of geological shifts. Frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and disrupted weather systems become the norm. This will cause widespread famines and droughts, and social upheavals in unexpected places. Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly western nations, will be weakened. They will be torn with civil strife and rioting as people migrate to areas that have water and can support crop-growing. The social upheaval and weakening of political structures will help the Antichrist come to power.

The United States in particular will be subject to serious natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and flooding, and flatten the nation from end to end, causing enormous conflict, despair, and misery. The US will be bankrupted attempting to deal with its disasters. Three other great nations will send aid to help the citizens survive."

The book can be bought Online and on paper.

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