segunda-feira, agosto 21, 2006

Middle East

From: Egypt Daily News:

"Egypt cops clash with pro-Hezbollah marchersClashes erupted outside Cairo's most renowned mosque Friday as police tried to prevent worshippers from marching in support of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah after the main weekly Muslim prayers. Dozens of would-be demonstrators lobbed shoes at some 100 police officers who beat the crowd back into the courtyard of the Al-Azhar mosque, the main Sunni seat of learning.

Egypt's judges condemned Thursday the "brutal" Israeli attacks on Palestinian and Lebanese people, the official MENA news agency reported. In a statement, the judges also rejected the so-called "New Middle East" approach proposed by U.S. President George W. Bush to create a Middle East free of Islamic thought.

The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said Thursday he was ready to send 10,000 fighters to Lebanon to combat Israel alongside Hezbollah. “I am ready to send immediately 10,000 mujahedeen to fight the Zionists alongside Hezbollah,” Mohammed Mehdi Akef told AFP
Hezbollah launches rocket barrageAt least 10 people are feared dead in Hezbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel, as the UN considers a draft resolution aimed at halting fighting. Witnesses reported a huge barrage fired on Kiryat Shmona and other towns from across the Lebanese border."

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