terça-feira, novembro 16, 2004

Bush to Name Rice Secretary of State

Condoleeza Rice will be named secretary of state By Mike Allen - Washington Post

"National security adviser Condoleeza Rice will be named secretary of state as early as today, according to administration officials.

She will replace Colin L. Powell, who announced his resignation yesterday, ending four years of battles with Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld over the course of U.S. foreign policy.

Rice will be replaced by her deputy, Stephen J. Hadley, administration officials said.

Powell's deputy and close friend, Richard L. Armitage, also is leaving the State Department.

Republican officials said the selection of Rice reflects Bush's determination to take personal control of the government in a second term, especially departments and agencies that he felt had undermined him in the first four years.

Powell's departure is also a victory for conservatives, removing the administration's most forceful advocate for negotiations and multilateral engagement on such issues as Middle East peace and curbing nuclear activities in Iran and North Korea.

A White House official said Powell, who helped persuade Bush to seek approval from the United Nations before invading Iraq, indicated to the president weeks or months before Nov. 2 that he planned to leave soon after the election.

But one government official with personal knowledge of the situation said Powell had second thoughts and had prepared a list of conditions under which he would be willing to stay. They included greater engagement with Iran and a harder line with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."

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