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Outras Verdades

Tendo sido visitado por este blog, repoduzo um pqueno post que considero bastante oportuno, independente de qualquer intenção de colagem, e que pode ser visto em Burton Front

"We are living in the knowledge era but knowledge without wisdom is another form of ignorance. This forum will demand wisdom from our political, business and social leaders.

Protestors Use 100,000 Lies to Make Point

If you are one of those persons that relies on the mainstream media for news, you are ill informed. The current leftist propaganda tool is fake statistics and the mainstream media are a willing accomplice to the charade.

Organizers planning the anti-Bush rally in Ottawa and Halifax are doing their best to flood the media with untruths and fake stats about 100,000 Iraqis killed in the war. The most hysterical usage of the 100,000 dead Iraqi stat is from the spokeswoman of the Halifax Peace Coalition. She said that 100,000 Iraqis were slaughtered by US troops. If she was truthful, she would admit that the figure was invented by a fellow leftist working to harm George W. Bush's re-election bid. But, as the old adage goes, tell a lie often enough, people will start to believe it's true.

There is a huge statistic that is ignored by the the 'peace' protesters; hundreds of mass graves filled with at least 400,000 men, women and children murdered by Saddam Hussein's regime. Warning: Graphic pictures!

Truth is not important to those that opposed the war in Iraq, nor is liberty. When is the last time we saw thousands demonstrate against the brutal dictators of the world? Never is the answer.

When the media broadcast the image of 100,000 burning candles in Ottawa, I will know that each candle represents an obsession with lies, damn lies and statistics. I will also remember that I can't trust any of the protesters to protect me or my family from evil.

"Liars ought to have good memories." - Sidney Algernon

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