domingo, junho 04, 2006


Hundreds of minor-slaves enter annually in the United kingdom

Hundreds of children, some with only six years, are taken every year for the United Kingdom to be used as enslaved in plants and homes, as it informs the daily British Sunday Telegraph today. The minors, deriving from Africa, Asia and East Europe, are taken to the United Kingdom by organized groups of traffic of children, add the daily paper.

The victims enter in the country with false passports or adults who make them to pass for familiar. In accordance with the periodical, the minors are ranks to work immediately, they live in terrible conditions and they are victims of physical and sexual abuses.

The reach of the situation, that if extends of London to the English cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle, consists of a document the that the Sunday Telegraph had access and that already was presented to the Ministry of the Interior by a group of humanitarian associations. These organizations, between them the Save The Children, ask for urgent measures to stop the infantile exploration.

Chinese, Vietnamese and children of Malaysia had been found to work in restaurants and plants, whereas others of African origin are destined to the domestic tasks and those from East Europe used to beg or to steal, inform the periodical.
Source: Daily Digital

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