domingo, setembro 26, 2004

Graham Green

Nasceu a 2 de Outubro de 1904 em Berkhamstead, Inglaterra, e morreu na Suiça, em 1991.
Considerado um dos grandes contadores de histórias do século XX, perspicaz e inquietante. Trabalhou nos serviços secretos ingleses com Kim Philby, o espião inglês que se refugiou na Rússia.

Da Google destacamos a sua larga bibliografia:

Novels Top

Babbling April (1925)
The Man Within (1929)
The Name of Action (1930)
Rumour At Nightfall (1932)
Stamboul Train (1932)
aka The Orient Express
It's a Battlefield (1934)
The Bear Fell Free (1935)
England Made Me (1935)
A Gun for Sale (1936)
aka This Gun For Hire
Journey without Maps (1936)
Brighton Rock (1938)
The Confidential Agent (1939)
The Lawless Roads (1939)
aka Another Mexico
The Heart of the Matter (1940)
The Power and the Glory (1940)
aka The Labyrinthine Ways
The Ministry of Fear (1943)
The Little Train (1946)
The Little Fire Engine (1950)
The Third Man (1950)
The End of the Affair (1951)
The Little Horse Bus (1952)
The Shipwrecked (1953)
Loser Takes All (1955)
The Quiet American (1955)
Our Man in Havana (1958)
A Burnt-Out Case (1960)
The Comedians (1966)
Travels with My Aunt (1969)
The Honorary Consul (1973)
The Return Of A.J. Raffles (1975)
The Human Factor (1978)
Doctor Fischer of Geneva: or The Bomb Party (1980)
Monsignor Quixote (1982)
Getting to Know the General (1984)
The Tenth Man (1985)
The Captain and the Enemy (1988)
No Man's Land (2004)

Collections Top

A Sense of Reality: A Collection of Short Stories (1950)
Twenty-One Stories (1954)
Nineteen Stories: Passion, Suspense and Violence (1955)
May We Borrow Your Husband?: And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life (1967)
Selected Works (1977)
Collected Short Stories (1987)
The Fallen Idol AND The Third Man (omnibus) (1989)
The Last Word: And Other Stories (1990)
The Collected Plays (2002)

Anthologies edited Top

The Old School (1934)
The Spy's Bedside Book (1957) (with Hugh Greene)
Classic Tales of Espionage and Suspense (1992)

Non fiction Top

British Dramatists (1942)
Why Do I Write: An Exchange of Views between Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene and V.S. Pritchett (1948) (with Elizabeth Bowen and V S Pritchett)
In Search of a Character: Two African Journals (1961)
Collected Essays (1969)
A Sort of Life (1971)
Pleasure Dome: The Collected Film Criticism 1935-40 (1972)
Ways of Escape (1980)
The Life of Graham Greene. Volume One: 1904 - 1939 (1989) (with Sherry Norman)
Reflections 1923 - 1988 (1990)

Anthologies containing stories by Graham Greene Top

Twentieth Century Short Stories (1959)
A Chamber of Horrors (1965)
The 6th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1971)
London Tales of Terror (1972)
Great British Short Stories (1974)
Black Water (1984)
The Literary Ghost: Great Contemporary Ghost Stories (1991)
The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories (1996)

Short stories Top

A Little Place Off the Edgware Road (1941)
All But Empty (1947)
Awful When You Think of It
Chagrin in Three Parts
Cheap in August
The Destructors
Doctor Crombie
The End of the Party
The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen
May We Borrow Your Husband?
The Over-Night Bag
The Root of All Evil
A Shocking Accident
Two Gentle People

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