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The new Chelsea manager

Dado o significado deste artigo, vamos reproduzi-lo para referência futura, e de como os nossos Amigos irão tratar o nosso concidadão no futuro!

De Rob Smyth, GUARDIAN, Wednesday June 2, 2004

Mourinho threatens clear out

"I am European champion and I am special"

Mourinho contemplates what to do with Veron and Crespo.

It took just minutes after he was officially named as Chelsea manager for Jose Mourinho to impose himself - by threatening a huge clear-out.
Mourinho, 41 - who has signed a three-year deal at Stamford Bridge, having led FC Porto to the European Cup last week - immediately made it clear that would take control of all aspects of the club.

"I want a small squad - 21 players plus the goalkeepers and no more. I think that is the correct number for the work I want to do." Mourinho insisted."We have to look to the reserve team and the youth team more."

That will surely ruffle a few feathers - especially as Chelsea currently have 34 players in their first-team squad. But Morinho wasn't finished there, adding, without irony:

"We have top players and, sorry if I'm arrogant, we have a top manager too. I am European champion and I am special."

It has been an open secret for many weeks that Mourinho would replace Claudio Ranieri as Chelsea coach, since he thrust himself into English football's consciousness by masterminding Porto's dramatic European Cup victory over Manchester United in March.

Before that, Mourinho was largely known in England as being Sir Bobby Robson's translator at Sporting Lisbon. Since he famously charged down the Old Trafford touchline, however, his profile has gone off the scale. By the time Porto won the European Cup, Mourinho was ensconced as the hottest young manager in Europe.

As he was introduced to the media, Mourinho sat calmly holding court in strikingly fluent English, oozing charisma, confidence - and his trademark arrogance.

By contrast, the Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon, struggling to suppress a smile, looked like a schoolkid who had got an attack of the giggles. Chelsea have got their man, and after weeks of bluffing Kenyon was finally able to tell the world.

"The appointment of Jose Mourinho is all about building on the foundations which we have already established at Chelsea," Kenyon said. "He represents the new generation of football coaches and we are convinced he can take us to the next level, both in England in Europe. His record of sustained success makes him perfect for what we want to achieve at Chelsea."

"I think Chelsea are the perfect club," Mourinho said. "This is a big challenge because of the power of football in this country, because of the desire of Chelsea to win.

"I found people here with the same mentality I have. They love football as I do, they want to win like I want to win and over the last two years I have had a taste as a manager of the biggest success.

"I want to keep this taste," he added. "I do not want at 2010 and 2012 to have the same titles I have now. I want more."

Mourinho is likely to bring some of his backroom staff with him. "My staff grew up with me," he said. "We won step by step together, so I have people in whom I have confidence. At the same time I must meet people who are in the club now. I have to meet them, to communicate, to know their desire. I cannot say who and how many are coming with me."

Though his outstanding success with Porto made Mourinho an obvious target, in other respects he represents an odd choice for Chelsea. He has no track record of spending big money on players, and the pragmatic, economical style of play that Porto favoured is antithetical to the exciting football that Roman Abramovich is keen on seeing at Stamford Bridge.

Nothing, however, entertains quite like success.

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