quinta-feira, maio 27, 2004

Manipulation of the truth

By Omission, Emphasis and De Emphasis

No Blog assinalado nos Links à direita com o título Combustíveis, encontrei um longo texto, de que reproduzo a parte incial que contém matéria que dá para pensar àcerca da forma como a opinião publica pode ser manipulada pelos meios de comunicação, quer isso se passe nos EUA ou noutro país qualquer.

"When I was in college I had to take a class that was called government. One of the books we were assigned was called "Inventing Reality". This book was about the news media and how it shapes public opinion. The main goal of the media is to maintain their integerity while shaping public opinion in their favor for whatever issues they support. With the consolidation of the Radio and TV stations into a few large monoplies like Clear Channel or Time Warner our choices as listeners become limited. These monopolies take advantage of their power and ignore the will of the people.

According to the book " Inventing Reality" , the media manipulates the truth not by lying but by ommission, emphasis and deemphasis."


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